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Field analyses


We leverage specific tools and software to monitor environment’s microclimate, calculating suitable parameters (PMV and PPD) to detect working environments’ conditions, according to regulation D.Lgs 81/08.


Electromagnetic fields (EMF) measures, according to legislation April 9th 2008, n. 8, title VIII, paragraph IV and s.m.i. Low frequency (50Hz) and high frequency electromagnetic measuring, according to D.P.C.M. July 8th2003. Environmental monitoring of electromagnetic force.


Leveraging of specific tools to measure working environments’ light conditions. Legislation D.Lgs 81/08 states working places has to reach a set brightness degree to be considered safe and eligible to work in.


Artificial optical radiation (AOR) measuring to prevent exposure hazards, according to legislation D.Lgs 81/08, title VIII, paragraph V. Artificial optical radiation exposure risk is widely spread and artificial radiation sources may be found in working environments’ neighboring areas, particularly concerning specific sectors.


Working environments’ noise exposure risk measuring. Living environments’ noise measuring to evaluate law threshold reaching. Environmental and infrastructural impact noise field measuring. Buildings’ passive acoustic requirements validation.


Flora monitoring activities are carried on to characterize areas according to existing phytocoenosis and botanical zone coverage. Fauna monitoring activities gather health and habitat information for a specific ecosystem.


Evaluation of hand-arm and whole-body workers’ exposure degree to mechanical vibration, according to legislation April 9th 2008, n. 8, title VIII, paragraph III and s.m.i.
Measuring of vibrations that may be captured by nearby infrastructural probes.


Environmental monitoring to detect air quality according to legislation D.Lgs n° 155/2010 and ss.mm.ii. Environmental impact studies and building site lifecycle monitoring according to legislation D.Lgs April 12th2006 n.163.