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NATURA is a company structured to provide both environmental engineering services and chemical and microbiological analysis.
Operating from more than 15 years throughout the country, with the most modern analytical and instrumental techniques, but above all with the skills of a team of experts in various scientific and engineering subjects, Natura supports its customers in the management of each environmental issue.
The large laboratories, equipped with latest instrumentation, but above all with an highly qualified personnel composed by chemists, biologists, Dr. environmental science, chemical and environmental engineers, geologists, Dr. in quality control, who operating in synergy with each other, provide to the customer the necessary support for the resolution of specific needs.
Nature is on the market in a flexible way, offering environmental engineering services integrated with field work and/or laboratory, or laboratory work exclusively with or without interventions in the field, provides to the customer the necessary technical consultancy support for the comparisons among the entities in charge, until the completion of the specific administrative procedures.
Large industrial companies, construction companies in the infrastructure sector, companies specialized in the field of remediation and/or in the waste management, financial groups,  real estate investment groups and handlers of integrated water service, rely on Natura for the know-how acquired through years of activities dedicated to solving environmental problems.
Natura has established a partnership with the University, either participating in research projects, either contributing to the training of young graduates and / or graduates, ensuring their participation to an internship in its own offices and laboratories.
Natura has also started a long time, with considerable success, a program of diversification into other areas of quality control and in particular in the food industry.
It is an open society for the promotion of partnership initiatives with other companies with complementary expertise, providing appropriate consortia, such as to ensure synergy effects to individual experiences, designed to offer increasingly complex and integrated services.










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