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Natura is a company structured to deliver environmental engineering services and to produce laboratory analysis in the chemical, microbiological and eco-toxicological sectors. Furthermore, the firm is able to advise its clients on issues concerning hygiene and safety at work. The company has been operating throughout the Country since 1996. Natura uses the most modern technical and analytical tools and, thanks to a team of experts coming from different scientific and engineering backgrounds, supports its clients in the management of any issue concerning the environment and safety at work. In ensuring its clients the backing required in order to address any specific need, Natura makes use of vast laboratories located in its legal/operational headquarters as well as cutting edge equipment and modern site tools. A crucial role is played by its highly qualified staff offering a synergistic combination of technical expertise in a wide range of disciplines: chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, chemical and environmental engineering, geology. Besides, the Company operates from two local units based in central and southern Italy, and more precisely in Rome and Caltanissetta. Natura offers to the market a flexible structure whereby environmental engineering services are integrated with site and/or laboratory activities or, alternatively, the sole laboratory assistance is carried out. Either way, the firm ensures its clients the consultancy services necessary in order to liaise with the accountable Bodies up to the end of the specific administrative process. Important firms rely on Natura for its know-how, developed over several years dedicated to the solution of environmental issues. Such firms include contractors of infrastructural works, companies specialised in the reclamation and waste management sectors, services companies, managers of the integrated water services, etc. . Natura has strengthened its collaboration with Universities by taking part to research projects and by contributing to several training initiatives. Over time Natura has implemented an extremely successful diversification plan extending its quality control services to other areas of the market such as the food sector. The Company is keen to work in partnership with other firms of the sector offering complementary expertise. The creation of dedicated joint ventures, focused on the provision of increasingly complex and integrated services, ensures synergistic effects to the single experiences






















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